Our Daily Routine
Lunch and snacks

We make out of these food instances familiar moments, through different rituals such as: prepare the table, use real utensils creating a cozy atmosphere. We favor habits and share with others through dialogue and mutual help. We offer our children a healthy snack, dairy-free and using substitutes to avoid wheat flour whenever possible.

Physical Therapist

This is a rich moment that promotes harmonious gross motor’skills development like balance, coordination, body awareness and can also deploy and enhance other fine skills like sensory integration, hand-eye coordination, social skills, cognitive endurance, attention and creativity.


It is a space that invites to experimentation, research and manipulation. These instances, full of possibilities and a huge variety of materials within children’s reach, provide the freedom to discover awakening the expression and creativity through different senses. During the Atelier, we also like to do some gardening discovering, researching and planting endless learning possibilities.

Body expression
Swimming (extracurricular)

Every Monday after lunch, a school bus picks the children up from Busy Hands and takes them to Aquaroa. Accompanied by 2 Preschool Teachers and the Swimming Teachers Team, the children enjoy and learn a lot from this rich and interesting activity. They not only learn to swim, but also encourage their autonomy and independence. It is an educational activity of great enjoyment.

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